KDB were commissioned to make a work for the NORDJYLLANDS KUNSTMUSEUM/Art Museum of North Jutland (now KUNSTEN http://kunsten.dk/)  in connection with an international cultural conference at the museum. We overdid it totally. We made an enormous performance installation, that covered the Northern part of the museum, stretched out in the park and outdoor theater, up the steep hill and all the way to the top of the 55 meter high landmark tower of Aalborg. The audience walked through the installation following the performance. The opening day mainly European cultural V.I.P.s attended(tipsy on bubbly), the following days it was open for the public.

We were invited by Poul Borum(Danes will know who he is) who had seen our first large scale show some months before and liked it. It was for this event we had to come up with a name for the group. Peter Leander wrote a list of suggestions. For some reason we chose the name KOM DE BAGFRA from that list.

All photos – copyright 1996 Steen Madsen

Video – LINK and LINK and LINK

CreditsGDMGDM-4023The museum walls were covered with cloth, seaweed and fishing net

The first major tableau of the performance was a female who ripped her clothes off to reveal large liquid abscessesGDM-0001-E-
In the next tableau the female were picked up by the ferryman who took her away on his raft through the klikketiklakketi forestGDM-4017GDM-4040
Simultanously with the events indoors, strange matters took place in the glaring light outsideGDM-4027The music was performed live, by musicians who were also a visual element in the performanceGDM-0003-E-The final tableau of the performance showed a young female bathing and purifying her body in milk

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