1997 -1998, in the WORKSHOP

All photos – copyright 1997 – 1998 Steen Madsen

1997 – 1998 – 6 works produced and presented in the KDB Workshop at Vesterfælledvej in Copenhagen.

Slemme Lise – Light, sculpture and sound by Peter Glatz and Peter Holmgård. We are still searching for photo documentation.

Efter 8 – Music and concept by Peter Sørensen. Directed by Peter Holmgård. A performer (name..?) was brought in a hypnotic trance and sent on a hallucinatory journey following the electronic  music played live by Peter Sørensen. The audience followed her…08 copy

Eksperimentet x 2 – Different groups of people were asked to perform, following directions in a manuscript they had never seen before. Staged by Peter Holmgård. The performers: Tine Nikali, Henrik Vestergaard, Gitte Dion, Åsa Frankenberg, Sofie Thorsen, Paw Pedersen, +..?

Den Skøre Skov – Installation, collaborative sculpture by Sofie Thorsen, Mads Steen, Jes Brinck and Peter Holmgård

MB 1 – Performance developed for the extraordinary duo Per Flink Basse and Jan Munkvad. Directed by Peter Holmgård. After KDB stopped producing, the MBgroup toured with the pieces for a while. Video – LINK

MB 2 – Just like MB1 – LINK

SkøreSkov_indgangSkøreSkov_4 copySkøreSkov_3SkøreSkov_2


MB 1


MB 2

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