1987 DEN DAG

DEN DAG 1987

KDB invaded an abandoned factory building in Århus in Denmark. The space was turned into a huge installation. Walls and ceiling were covered by colossal furious ornaments in black, grey and white, painted by Jan Munkvad, Espen Beck and Peter Holmgård – LINK

Peter Leander composed and conducted the music – angry industrial electro acoustic ambient music. Leander’s gongs, piano frames, drums, sound effects and tons of scrap metal were hanging from the ceiling all around as part of the installation.

All photos – copyright 1996 Steen Madsen

CreditsDenDagDDA - 26DDA - 38DDA-1001

DDA - 10

Maja Rasmussen created the costumes and these magnificent sculptural coocoons

DDA-2000DDA-1002DDA - 15DDA-1011

DDA - 07

Nils Lassen appeared in a sharp black suit. Water rained down on him and washed away his clothes… suit made of paper…

DDA - 45DDA - 17DDA-100321


A big man came in and a small man came out of him…

DDA - 05

The little man ripped the big mans belly open and pulled out long blue slimy things

DDA - 23DDA-5017



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