1991 MALM

MALM 1991

MALM was an exercise before the performance STAALVAND, that we would later stage in the theater KANONHALLEN. The venue was a huge abandoned laundry, at a closed down hospital. The building would later become Kulturfabrikken and later Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, which most Danish artist are now well acquainted with.
Jan Munkvad, a group of excellent female dancers, pyrotechnics, an ambitious and talented young light designer Gert Christoffersen…

Bente Hansen, Marianne Evers, Bente Koch, Eva Eilenberger, Mette Brun, Jan Munkvad
Peter Sørensen, J Brandt P
Gert Christoffersen
Peter Holmgård

All photos – copyright 1996 Steen Madsen



  1. Hov,,, her replyer jeg inde fra noget admin-halløj. Vi må hjælpe hinanden med at sætte den her funktion lidt mere hensigtsmæssigt op


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