Solo composed specifically for Jan Munkvad. The intention was to make a show that could tour. But in the end the set was to big and with to many breakable parts so we had to cancel the tour. But the performance was lovely. It was the first event in the the former power station – space that later became the Edison theater – in Copenhagen.

Super simple progression from quiet, static and dark to cheerfully noisy, everything spinning and dangling and twinkling. The stage was a circular / cylindrical pavilion – like a Gazebo. Audience seated in a circle around it. In the start of the performance Jan Munkvad rests on a chair in the center of the stage. His chair starts revolving. He climbs up in “the attic” and under the floor, bringing luminous spheric objects on stage. The music continuously getting louder and faster. Blinking lights com on. A huge balloon, with film projection(8 mm film) of Munkvad’s gnawing teeth, fills the center of the pavilion, the balloon explodes in a cloud of smoke. It is dark and quiet for a little while.  Then a soft waltz plays in the multi-speaker setup, colored lights start to twinkle, the whole pavilion start turning like a merry go round, music booming 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, and Munkvad jumps of and leaves the pavilion spinning.

All photos – copyright 1996 Steen Madsen



DEN GRØNNE PAVILLON crew. Holmgård’s face came off…

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